31 January 2020 - Newsletter


Everybody is convinced of the massive and unavoidable aging to come, but also about the emergency to adapt public policies accordingly. However, just like the horizon line, the closer you get to the solution the more it seems to move away. The lights were all green a few months ago with the perspective of a great political gesture in France, with an ambitious law in the short-term.

The national consultation, then the Libault report, fuelled by a slew of workshops with hardened professionals had led to series of proposals solid enough to form the framework of a future law. More recently, the mission given to Myriam El Khomri on the attractiveness of jobs and careers in the sector, was carrying ambitious ideas welcomed by the whole profession.

Since then, the frenzy has faded away. The law, postponed a few months ago to the end of 2020, no longer seems to be part of the parliamentary calendar, after being presented as a national priority. Maybe because elderlies don’t put the pressure on the government as other social groups do ? Maybe because financing sources dried up ? Maybe because governance issues are difficult to address during a pre-election period ?

But we can’t just wait. We have to keep on thinking, sensitizing, challenging and proposing, but we also need to continue setting good practices and recommendations that can be enforced without a major law. Simple regulation changes are susceptible to remove obstacles. Regarding recruiting for instance, if we decide to give up the entry exam for care assistant or if we develop to a bigger scale “experience achievement validation”1.

More broadly, pragmatism and innovation are the key notions. On supply transversality, services innovation, partnership enhancement to build better life courses, caring management or even the progressive introduction of the most performant and useful technologies, Colisee group is willing to mobilize all its know-how to give the best service to the elderlies… while adding their weight in collaboration with other main actors of the sector, to build a law about old-age as ambitious as the stakes of coming demographic transition are.

1. A french system to obtain a diploma by writing a thesis based on the individual’s professional experience