31 January 2020 - Newsletter


It’s the story of a profession that decides to react. React to a flow of media coverages which have given a biased and devaluing image of its sector, which works daily, however, for the well-being of fragile elderly people. React as well to the “crisis of vocations” which affects an increasing share of young people unwilling to move towards these careers, even if 92% of French people consider them as “jobs for the future”, according to an IFOP poll of January 7, 2020.

Therefore, the SYNERPA (the first French confederation of private actors of the elderly sector) has launched a collective group called “Les métiers du grand âge” (“Old age trades”), which federates all the actors with a very clear goal : counterbalance these reports which “points, most often unfairly, the finger at professionals who accompany elderly people every day”.

First act of the campaign: the launch of a series called “C’est la vie !” (“That’s life”), consisting of 5 videos of 8 minutes each, showing elderly people and their caregivers. Filled with truth, humor and humanism, these episodes, directed by Olivier Babinet, thrusts us into the heart of the relationship between a resident in a nursing home and the professional who accompanies him. What is the goal ? Help people to better understand the beauty of old age jobs as well as their complexity.

This web series will be broadcast several times in January and May on France Television in a shorter version (45 seconds per episode) but it’s only the most visible side of a larger device. Families can find a lot of information on nursing homes on the website cestlavie.fr. And above all, everyone who is likely to want to join the old age world can access a very large number of jobs opportunities. At the end of January, 250 offers were on the website !

It is this voluntarist and “ecumenical” approach -since all the federations worked together- that the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, wanted to salute by attending the premiere of these episodes, on January 8 in a major Parisian cinema. Since then, the first episodes have been broadcasted during prime time on France 2 and France 3 (French national channels).

C’est la vie