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What administrative formalities need to be completed?

Several documents are needed to complete an admission file:

  • A photocopy of the person’s identity card

  • A photocopy of the carte vitale (French health insurance card), attestation de sécurité sociale (French social security certificate) and mutual health insurance or supplementary medical cover fund

  • Proof of income (main and complementary retirement benefits or superannuation with proof of payment and, if applicable, agreement to cover the cost of the social assistance provided)

  • The most recent tax return or notice of non-taxability

  • In the event of a power of attorney, judge’s order appointing the power of attorney or power of care

  • Proof of third-party liability insurance covering the retirement home

  • The completed Colisée questionnaires “Parlez-nous [un peu] de vous” (Tell us [a little] about yourself) and “Vous qui le connaissez si bien” (You who know the person so well) that can be downloaded from our website