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What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method is based on a non-medical, human and positive approach that helps calm residents and their families and contributes to their happiness.

The Montessori approach focuses on the positive.

“Procedural” memory is stimulated, gestural knowledge that has become ritualised (bathing, dressing, eating, etc.) learnt since childhood and encoded in the brain remains intact.

Caregivers become facilitators who help disorientated seniors to complete tasks by themselves and so regain a degree of autonomy with simple, everyday tasks, preserving their dignity and self-esteem.

The method requires patience and time, it is quite naturally a long-term approach, but the specific training provided to our caregivers means they have a clear understanding of all the behavioural difficulties linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

A method rolled out gradually in our establishments

  • Three-year training course for our employees provided by AG&D* which is largely situation-based.

  • Partnerships are formed with Montessori schools to encourage inter-generational contact.

  • Conferences are organised in our establishments for the families to explain to them the specific features of the method, how it is implemented and its benefits.

The benefits of the Montessori method

  • Calms and makes residents and their families happier

  • Focuses on the positive

  • Stimulates the “procedural” memory: bathing, dressing, etc.

  • Improves understanding of the behavioural difficulties linked to Alzheimer’s disease