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What are the various types of support?

Our retirement homes

Our aftercare clinics

They have been tailored to the needs of people in a temporary situation of dependency. They provide curative or palliative medical care, and physiotherapy services. They also provide preventive care and therapeutic education The average stay is 30 days.

Our service residences

They are open to autonomous seniors. They do not have any medical team, but the employees can have access to medical services for which they manage the appointments and follow-up themselves. The unit sizes vary (T1, T1bis or T2) and can be furnished to each resident’s taste.

Our nursing homes

They are designed for dependent aged people and are staffed by medical personnel. The living spaces have been arranged so that residents feel at home.

Home-care services

Our home-care support provides a complete range of services tailored to the needs of dependent seniors and disabled persons. These home-care services, regular or on demand, include meal preparation and assistance, care and bathing, housework, mobility assistance, companionship and leisure activities.

Short stay or day visits

Day visits to our residences provide seniors with an opportunity to gradually get used to living in a retirement home prior to making the decision to move. Day visitors continue to live in their own home, while being welcomed in one of our residences for one or several days a week.

Short stays in our residences provide temporary accommodation for seniors who temporarily cannot manage at home or who find themselves alone for a short period of time. The maximum stay is three months.