Our press releases

20 February 2019 - Press release

COLISEE expands its network with the Belgium group ARMONEA, to create the fourth largest elderly care group in Europe

In France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany, both combined networks, aggregating 270 specialized facilities, receive more than 26,800 residents.


9 October 2018 - Press release

Colisée lance MedbyColisée

Après plusieurs mois de co-développement avec Malta Informatique (éditeur de TITAN), Colisée déploie sur l’ensemble de ses établissements, MedbyColisée, une solution innovante qui permet l’accès au dossier patient de façon sécurisée, la prescription médicamenteuse, la téléconsultation connectée, ainsi que la compatibilité avec le Dossier Medical Partagé (DMP).


6 September 2018 - Press release

Une nouvelle agence de services à domicile ONELA ouvre ses portes à Libourne

C’est au cœur même de la maison de retraite LES DAGUEYS à Libourne (33), au bord du lac des Dagueys et de la coulée verte, que l’agence de service à domicile ONELA a ouvert ses portes début septembre.


17 May 2018 - Press release

Colisee continues its development in Italy with 2 new nursing homes in Lombardy

Colisée is taking a further step in its development in Italy with two new nursing homes located in Lombardy.


20 March 2018 - Press release

COLISEE launches the construction of 3 new nursing homes in Turin

Already present in the Piedmont region, Colisée continues its development in Italy and announces today launching the construction of 3 facilities in Turin.


30 November 2017 - Press release

Colisée innovates in Libourne with a 360-degree offer

Colisée is pleased to announce the opening of two new facilities in Libourne, located next to its rehabilitation centre (Centre de Rééducation Avicenne): a 65-bed nursing home and a 20-appartment service residence.


27 July 2017 - Press release

Colisée is entering into a partnership with the Toulouse Business School in order to train its employees and hire new talent

Christine Jeandel, Chairman of Colisée, and François Bonvalet, the Dean of the Toulouse Business School, have just signed a partnership agreement in order to meet the Colisée’s hiring requirements, promote the increased expertise of its teams, and support its international development.


27 July 2017 - Press release

New Colisée nursing home in Turin: State of the art gym and crèche for local residents

Colisée continuing its development in northern Italy, has announced the opening of the Itaca home, a 120-bed nursing home in Turin, thereby confirming the dynamism of its Italian subsidiary iSenior and complementing its range of services in Turin with this third establishment.


26 July 2017 - Press release

Colisée increases its financial capacity and crosses the 100 facilities threshold

Colisée announces the implementation of new financing lines under optimal conditions, as well as the acquisition of 12 nursing homes in France. This new growth operation has allowed Colisée to cross the 100 facilities threshold, thus reinforcing its position of one of the benchmark private operators with 102 facilities and more than 8000 beds.


3 April 2017 - Uncategorized

Colisée continues its development in France with the acquisition of 12 nursing homes from GDP Vendôme

Colisée continues its external growth policy and announces today the acquisition of 12 nursing homes from the GDP Vendôme Group. This transaction allows Colisée to strengthen its position of one of the benchmark private operators with 89 facilities and close to 7.000 beds.


5 March 2017 - Press release

Colisée has launched the construction of two new nursing homes in Northern Italy

Paris, March 2nd, 2017 - Colisée continues its selective growth through creation, restructuring and acquisition, with two new projects in Northern Italy: a 120-bed nursing home in the city centre of Novare, 2nd city of Piedmont, and an 86-bed nursing home in Legnano, a town in the Milan metropolis, in Lombardy.


10 February 2017 - Press release

Two brand-new Colisée facilities in Talissieu (01): a nursing home (EHPAD) and an assisted living residence

Paris, February 10, 2017 - Colisée announces the opening of a nursing home and an assisted living residence in Talissieu, a town located between Lyon and Annecy, only 30 minutes from Aix-Les-Bains.


8 December 2016 - Press release

Colisée consolidates its national network of home-based services for elderly people with the acquisition of Bien à la Maison

Colisée strengthens its position in the home-based services sector and is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Bien à la Maison (BALM), 2nd largest French player in home-based services for elderly people. This operation took place a few months after Colisée’s first successful venture into the sector with the integration of Nouvel Horizon Services in May 2016.


9 May 2016 - Press release

Colisée makes a first acquisition in the home care for the elderly sector in France

Colisée, a leader in the care sector in France (retirement homes and post-operative and rehabilitation clinics), today announces that it has acquired Nouvel Horizon Services, a company specialising in home care services for the elderly.